New Video – Belle of the Ball

April 07, 2019


I’m awfully excited to show you guys my new video. This is a paired back version of one track that will appear on my EP ‘Belle of the Ball’, which I’m currently working on.

I’ve wanted to record this song for about a year now. On guitar is the fabulous Toby Shaer. A massive thanks to JMNI for filming and Noatune Studios for recording.

This is a song I originally wrote to perform with The Glasgow Barons – SCIO about the incredible Belle Moore from Govan, Scotland. Read more about her in the YouTube bio. She’s quite something. Thank you to the Govan Reminiscence Group for the inspiration.

Traditional Music Form Blog Post

April 07, 2019

I wrote a blog for the Traditional Music Forum. Have a read!

🌟 NEW #TMFBlog 🌟
A NEW PLACE – by Ainsley Hamill

Singer, Ainsley talks about her recent move from Cardross to London in this great blog:

#AinsleyHamill #ANewPlace

Duets with Willie Campbell

October 01, 2018

Last Saturday was a special night due to Ceòl ‘s Craic Oidhche Americana at Webster’s Theatre, Glasgow.  I’m a big fan of country music, I always have been. I was raised on Dolly P and Patsy Cline. It’s remarkable that what we know as ‘Country Music’ stems from traditional song and tunes. It’s incredible how music evolves.

A big thank you to Iseabail Mhoireach and Laurie Cuffe for organising another fantastic night!

It was a treat to perform a set with Willie Campbell, what a wonderful songwriter and singer he is.

Here’s a video from the night, with myself and Willie performing The Pain Has Lost its Power.

Fourth Moon

July 02, 2018

I had a super day recording this video with Fourth Moon🌔🌓

The first port is a total tune that I learned roughly a million years ago and has the best memories attached to it, so it was really cool to actually record it.

  • O Tha ‘n Tombaca Daor : Trad.
  • Bodachan a’ Ghàraidh : Trad.
  • The Vale of Shadows : David Lombardi

Ainsley Hamill – Song & Step Dance

Géza Frank – Whistles

David Lombardi – Fiddle

Jean Damei – Guitar

Andrew Waite – Piano Accordion

Recorded at Gran’s House Recording Studio by Barry Reid

Mix: Barry Reid

Video: Gus Stirrat